The SAEM Staal ApS is a new company that sells accessories for cooling and freeze bin doors under the product name.

The SAEM Staal ApS was founded in 2014 by Tommy Uldall-Jessen and Erling Uldall-Jessen.

In 1990 started Tommy Uldall-Jessen Company SKAN-Stål A/S. He developed to a successful business.

Tommy Uldall-Jessen sold the company in 2006.

Mr. Erling Uldall-Jessen was one of the two founders of the DAN-doors as in 1983 and was until the sale of DAN-doors in 2008 the man who developed and designer all their doors and accessories.

The SAEM Staal ApS primary forces are: 35 years’ experience, large knowledge and valuable connections and willingness to serve you in the best possible way. Our main objective is satisfied customers. We choose carefully our products and our core strategy is to find the best possible prices and alternatives to your existing accessories still keep the quality as high as possible.

Our product range will be built from customer needs and requirements. But basically will consist of the main accessories for doors to cool and cold stores.

The SAEM Staal ApS will do everything to ensure that could help you best possible.